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1995 - A new millennium

Preparing for a new millennium…

1995 Sales reach $4.5 billion. FMC forms soda ash joint ventures with Nippon Sheet Glass and Sumitomo. Sulfentrazone soybean herbicide gains registrations in Brazil and Paraguay. FMC introduces many pharmaceutical products: Endurance and Endurance Plus tablet binders, Accelerate super-disintegrant, Avicel CE chewable excipient, and Celphere for controlled-release dosage forms.

1996 Sales reach $5 billion. FMC introduces Authority herbicide in North America. Our Chinese joint venture opens new agricultural products plant in Suzhou. FMC introduces Reofos RDP flame retardant for use in producing engineering thermoplastics. Pharmaceutical business enters the China market with sales of Avicel microcrystalline cellulose, a binder.

1997 In the U.S., sulfentrazone soybean herbicide is registered and introduced as Authority Broadleaf. FMC introduces carfentrazone-ethyl herbicide in Europe as Affinity, Lexus Class and Platform for cereal crops. Two pharmaceutical binders are introduced: Super-Tab for direct-compression tableting, and Ceolus microcrystalline cellulose for smaller, easier-to-swallow tablets.

1998 FMC forms a sulfentrazone agreement with DuPont that gives it exclusive use of sulfentrazone on U.S. soybeans, while FMC retains the rights in all other global markets. Carfentrazone-ethyl is registered in the U.S. and marketed as Aim. FMC introduces EnTec drug delivery technology. 

1999 FMC and Solutia enter phosphorus joint venture named Astaris LLC. FMC sells process additives business. FMC sells BioProducts business To Cambrex. FMC acquires Tg Soda Ash Inc. FMC acquires alginate business from Norsk Hydro. FMC and Asahi sign joint venture agreement.

2000 FMC announces plans to restructure the company into two separate, publicly traded companies - a machinery business (FMC Technologies) and a chemicals business (FMC Corporation).

2001 FMC Technologies, Inc. begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange - Ticker Symbol: FTI - on June 14. FMC Corporation completes spin-off of FMC Technologies, Inc. Bill Walter is elected Chairman of FMC Corporation.

2010  Pierre Brondeau joins FMC as President and Chief Executive Officer and is elected Chairman in September 2010.