FMC 2012 Sustainability Report - page 41

To support a wide range of programs devoted
to health and human services, FMC and its
employees proudly continue their long-standing
partnership with the United Way. Nine of our U.S.
sites held fundraising campaigns this year, all of
which had high participation rates, including 100
percent employee participation at our Charlotte,
North Carolina, and Middleport, New York, sites.
December 2012. FMC awards the scholarships on
a merit basis for students in grades 6 through 12,
with an emphasis on science education. In addition
to supporting and encouraging bright students, the
initiative has improved literacy rates among boys
and girls throughout the community, regardless of
whether they pursue higher education.
In 2012 FMC funded nearly $17,000 in STEM
scholarships in five countries. We continue to
expand our support in this area, as we believe
we can directly impact the future of our
industry by exposing students to the exciting
career opportunities available in science-based
companies like FMC.
Improving Lives Through Health
and Human Services
In the Philippines, working with the Rise Above
Foundation, FMC has assisted hundreds of children
over the last two years. In 2011, the program
sponsored free dental examinations for school
children living near our operations. In 2012, we
expanded this successful effort to two nearby
islands. With funding from FMC, volunteer dentists
treated more than 640 patients during a three-day
trip to seaweed-farming islands north of Bohol,
Philippines. This program improves the health of
seaweed farmers, who are important links in our
supply chain, and helps enhance the quality of
life for their families and members of surrounding
In 2012, FMC Argentina sponsored a Junior
Achievement program for 127 students interested in
starting small businesses. The program is aimed at
promoting school attendance and decreasing high
school dropout rates.
''FMC has stepped up in
a big way at a time when
the community needed
it most.''
Jill Michal, President and CEO,
United Way of Greater Philadelphia
and Southern New Jersey
The FMC Manila (Philippines) Sustainability Team
delivered much-needed water tanks to the ITAAS
Elementary School to help with critical sanitary and
water supply needs for the school’s 5,500 students.
FMC provides emergency relief assistance to the
Red Cross to support communities devastated by
natural disasters. In 2012, FMC donated $75,000
to assist the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the
eastern United States. In addition to an FMC
contribution, our employees in Manila collected
in-kind donations – including food, water and
clothing – to aid victims of Typhoon Pablo in the
southern Philippines.
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