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  Our Guiding Principle: Improve the quality of life in communities where we live and operate.
Our Goal:  Engage with the communities where we live and work to create positive change.  


One of FMC’s core principles is to improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and operate. We formalized this commitment by establishing a goal to increase engagement with our neighbors around the world to create positive change.

At FMC, we chose to make a difference. FMC's community outreach and involvement comes in many forms. We support employee efforts to be involved in their local community through volunteerism and financial contributions.  Community also means working and communicating with our neighbors. We work hard to build and maintain relationships through community outreach in the places where we operate.  We strive for an open and honest dialogue, listening to community leaders and interested parties while providing information about our business at that location. 

Read more about our approach to cultivating community in the 2013 Sustainability Report.


FMC uses five major global challenges to prioritize our sustainability efforts and keep us focused on developing solutions for the future.  

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In 2012, we defined a way to measure our engagement efforts in order to track and advance our progress. Our “Community Engagement Index” quantifies our involvement in four categories at our major sites. We selected these categories of engagement based on FMC’s unique role as a chemical company, our related areas of expertise and our desire to maintain a trusted relationship with our local communities.

The four categories are: safety, operational transparency, community leadership and community partnership.

To raise our Community Engagement Index, we challenge all FMC sites to get involved in these four partnership categories every year. Each quarter, our sites report on their progress in these areas. 

For more details on the categories mentioned above, our progress or our calculation method, visit the Data Center to see our community index metrics. 

Community outreach at FMC

FMC believes that to be a responsible member of the community it is necessary to be a good neighbor.  That's why we support community outreach and engagement in the places where we operate.  These local efforts are led independently by the leaders and employees at each manufacturing site, research and development facility and business office. 

Click on a location below to view specific examples of community engagement at each of our manufacturing sites and other major locations (>150 employees) around the world.