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What's New?

FMC Systems Upgrade Continues

In 2018, FMC launched a multi-year program to transform our global business processes and technology. On July 4, 2019, FMC Quimica do Brasil Ltda (“FMC” and/or FMC’s acquired DuPont Crop Protection assets in Brazil) completed the first phase of this transformation.

In February 2020, the remaining DuPont Crop Protection assets underwent a systems upgrade as part of the second phase of this transformation. As a result, there were certain process and technology changes that may have affected our suppliers directly. This includes new remit to addresses for invoices.

The changes apply to vendor transactions in the DuPont Crop Protection locations only. All other legacy FMC locations will continue to follow existing business processes until phase 3 happens in November 2020.

Click here to see the communication to our DuPont Crop Protection suppliers and the new Invoice Submission instructions.

In February 2020, FMC also launched the Ariba Supplier Lifecycle Performance (SLP) cloud-based tool. FMC is using Ariba SLP to register and qualify our new suppliers. No more paper forms to complete and email! FMC invites new suppliers to register with FMC using Ariba. The suppliers register with Ariba at no cost, and then completes the FMC registration and qualification forms online. A navigation Supplier Guide is included with the invitation from FMC to become a new supplier.

FMC Purchasing Organization Update

In conjunction with the systems upgrade, FMC is transitioning its purchasing organization to a centralized, shared services model. The implementation of the new purchasing organization, referred to as the Global Procurement Service Center, will take place alongside the systems upgrade timeline outlined in the section above.

Beginning February 2020, all purchasing inquiries for DuPont Crop Protection locations are to be directed to the new points of contact below. All existing points of contact for FMC locations will remain the same until further notice.

Region Email
North America
Central & South America
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Asia Pacific West
Asia Pacific East


Verify an Order is Legitimate

FMC is aware of the increased incidents of fraudulent orders being placed for goods and services by parties illegally using the names of large, reputable companies. Please click here to review how you can verify the authenticity of an electronic order that appears to be requested by FMC.

FMC Expands Partnership with Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange)

FMC Global Procurement has partnered with Sedex, a not for profit risk management membership organization. Sedex will help us assess and audit our current strategic raw material suppliers in Corporate Social Responsibility (business integrity, labor, health & safety and environment). FMC has reached out to our chemical suppliers who are already members and asked them to “link” to FMC. One of the key benefits of a Sedex membership is that these suppliers will be able to share their current assessment/audit information with FMC. This will ease the burden on our suppliers facing multiple audits, questionnaires and certifications. The next step will be to ask the non-members to join and complete the self assessment questionnaire.

FMC to Expand Avetta to North America

FMC has expanded Avetta, our 3rd party program to qualify significant Contractors, in North America. This qualification process emphasizes a safety analysis that helps FMC ensure that our regular contractors maintain the same safety standards as FMC-owned sites. The qualification also includes agreeing to comply with FMC’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Avetta uses “flag” colors (red,yellow, green) to identify compliance or not to meeting FMC’s requirements. A variance request process is followed for non-compliance. If necessary, corrective action plans are put in place or another contractor will be on boarded.