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FMC acknowledged for its good practices in social responsibility, ethics, and sustainability

FMC has been awarded the Selo Empresa Limpa (Clean Company Seal) from Instituto Ethos, and the Selo Mais Integridade (Integrity Plus Seal) from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Food Supply (MAPA). Both awards acknowledge the company's dedication to ethical, responsible, and sustainable business practices.

Instituto Ethos' Clean Company Seal is awarded to companies committed to integrity and anti-corruption practices. MAPA’s Integrity Plus Seal acknowledges companies operating in the agricultural industry for their integrity and environmental and social responsibility.

"These awards underscore FMC's steadfast commitment to conducting business with the utmost integrity and adherence to ethical standards,” said Maria de Lourdes Setten Fustaino, Sustainability and Institutional Relations Director at FMC Latin America. They also demonstrate how we prioritize environmental management, safety, and the welfare of our employees, customers, and communities. Working together with our partners, we support Brazilian agriculture in a way that truly makes us proud.

The Integrity Plus Seal was awarded to FMC during an official ceremony at the ApexBrasil headquarters in Brasília (Federal District) on March 21. Ronaldo Pereira, CEO of FMC Americas, and Maria de Lourdes Setten Fustaino, Sustainability and Institutional Relations Director at FMC Latin America, attended the event to receive the award from Irajá Lacerda, Executive Secretary of MAPA.

"Being awarded the Integrity Plus Seal is acknowledgment for all the work the FMC team does on a daily basis. It's a confirmation that we are on the right track and committed to a variety of indicators and procedures. It’s a huge morale boost to keep us on this same path of good practices,” says Ronaldo Pereira.

Integrity Plus Seal award group photo Integrity Plus Seal award group photo


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