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Investing In Our Future Technology

FMC Ventures evaluates emerging technologies of relevance to the agricultural industry and will invest in those that create a unique strategic advantage for FMC. Agriculture's most pressing challenges are being addressed through advances in artificial intelligence (AI), genomics, robotics, precision agriculture, biopesticides, synthetic biology and other innovations. As progress in these disciplines converge, they will radically alter how crop inputs are developed, sold, and applied. The new venture capital arm of FMC will focus investments in these advanced technology areas.


FMC Ventures - Portfolio

Trace Genomics combines DNA sequencing with machine learning to explain how soil diseases emerge and identify beneficial microorganisms that can be developed into biological products that counter harmful pathogens.

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BioPhero is a pioneer in the production of pheromones used as highly sustainable and eco-friendly active ingredients in products for insect pest control in agriculture. This best-in-class, category-defining technology has the potential to commercialize pheromones for all crops.

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Scanit Technologies is the creator of the SporeCam instrument, a wireless sensor that captures physical spores in the air, processes the spore data through machine learning and alerts growers when harmful disease spore count reaches certain benchmarks. FMC and Scanit will partner on analyzing Asian soybean rust in Brazil using the SporeCam instrument beginning in early 2021. Learn more here.

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FMC Ventures News

June 25, 2020 - FMC Ventures announced its first portfolio investment in Trace Genomics, Inc. With operations in Burlingame, CA, and Ames, IA, the start-up combines DNA sequencing with machine learning that not only explains how soil diseases emerge but also identifies beneficial microorganisms that can be developed into biological products that counter harmful pathogens. Trace Genomics’ technology can identify bacteria, fungi, nematodes, and pathogens, as well as their interactions with each other and the plant. An in-depth analysis of microbial diversity and its impact on crops are critical data sets needed by agronomists to recommend the right biological products. Learn more here.