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FMC Corporation expands biologicals crop protection platform in Canada

FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC), a leading global agricultural sciences company, announced a collaboration in Canada with Novonesis (formerly Novozymes A/S), a leader in plant biosolutions. The agreement is part of FMC’s strategic plan to grow its biologicals platform in key markets.

Beginning June 1, 2024, FMC Canada will be the exclusive distributor of Novonesis’ leading biosolution products, including proven brands like TagTeam®, Optimize®, JumpStart®, BioniQ®, Cell-Tech®, and Nitragin®, for the 2025 growing season. Additionally, the companies will utilize their respective R&D capabilities to collaborate on the development of novel biological technology for Canadian farmers.

The partnership will leverage Novonesis’ Plant Biosolutions Manufacturing and Research site in Saskatoon, Canada, and FMC’s deep market knowledge and expertise in applying biologicals in an integrated approach with synthetic crop protection chemistry and precision agriculture technology. 

“FMC is excited to collaborate with Novonesis to bring Canadian growers effective biological products that complement our biological and synthetic chemistry,” said Dr. Bénédicte Flambard, vice president, FMC Plant Health. “As we continue to invest in and expand our biologicals portfolio, we are committed to aligning with partners who enhance our ability to provide growers around the world with science-backed biological solutions that help sustainably manage crops, protect yields and combat resistance.”

FMC has launched approximately 40 biological products, including Accudo® biostimulant, Provilar® biofungicide, and Avodigen® seed treatment, in 24 countries over the past five years and is one of the few companies with a fully global presence. The company’s geographic footprint, along with its core portfolio, market access and complementary technologies, positions FMC as a top-tier global provider of integrated solutions to help growers sustainably feed the world. 

“Novonesis and FMC share a similar goal of bringing differentiated, sustainable solutions to Canadian farmers,” said Devron McLeod, country manager, FMC Canada. “Aligning our technologies and systems to bring new inoculant and biocontrol products to the market will benefit Canadian farmers. This collaboration provides more significant opportunities to bring innovative products to market faster.”

“FMC has a strong presence in Canada with consistent growth, a complementary portfolio, and an organization with proven success in launching innovations that deliver value to Canadian farmers,” said Jason Ward, Novonesis Plant Biosolutions commercial lead for North America. “This expanded relationship between the two companies demonstrates our shared commitment to providing growers with products they can use to improve yield by increasing nutrient availability and enhancing the plants’ natural processes.”

The collaboration demonstrates a shared commitment to providing growers with new biological solutions designed to safeguard crop yields while protecting biodiversity and natural resources. FMC’s robust pipeline of differentiated biologicals, combined with investments in biologicals and adjacent technologies, enables the continued expansion of its award-winning portfolio. To learn more about Biologicals by FMC, visit

Terms of the commercial agreement were not disclosed.

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