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FMC Discontinues Operations and Business in Russia

FMC has discontinued its operations and business in Russia.  The company’s only crop protection packaging and formulation plant in Cheboksary, Russia, is idled and is being safely closed.

Early in the war, FMC took substantial measures to reduce its operations and business in Russia.  The company suspended new capital investments, marketing, and advertising; discontinued R&D activities; stopped imports of all products; and suspended development of new products and business. 

However, increasing reports of potential war crimes, human rights abuses and other atrocities cannot be ignored.  Our values as a company and the realities of unprecedented sanctions no longer allow FMC to operate and grow our business in Russia.

We are committed to helping farmers protect their crops and yields to address food insecurity, especially in vulnerable countries.  This has guided—and continues to guide—our position in providing essential products to growers in Ukraine, throughout Eastern Europe and around the world. 

FMC condemns the invasion and war, and we join calls to end the violence immediately. 

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