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FMC Suppliers Accounts Payable

FMC is committed to continuously improve our procure-to-pay processes to ensure efficient invoice processing to enable on-time payments. 

Supplier Invoice Requirements

All invoices issued to FMC must include the information as detailed below.  Your invoice will be returned if it does not include the required information and payments may be delayed if you have to correct and re-submit.  You will be notified of the invoice's rejection by email. 

  • FMC billing name and address as quoted on the FMC purchase order
  • Supplier’s name and remit to address
  • Valid FMC purchase order number
  • Invoice number and invoice date
  • Currency stated in ISO code (e.g., EUR, USD)
  • Invoice details match the issued purchase order such as
    • Unit price, quantity, unit of measure, currency
    • If PO is split into separate line items, the invoice must also reflect separate line items
  • Gross and net amounts
  • Tax amount and rate, if applicable
  • Content is typed, not handwritten
  • Should be on a white background to guarantee good data recognition

For exceptional cases of an invoice without a Purchase Order, specify the name or email of the FMC Requisitioner.

The above are the minimum invoice requirements that must be met in addition to any tax, legal or statutory requirements defined by the country you are transacting with.  Please refer to the Local Invoice Requirements for additional country specific requirements.

Invoice Submission Requirements

There are three ways to submit invoices to FMC.  Please ensure you only use one way per invoice - do NOT send duplicate invoices.

Soft Copy, PDF/XML File Invoice Submission

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Invoices and credit memos should be sent to the appropriate country mailbox.  

Paper Invoice Submission

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Where legally required, paper invoices must be sent to the appropriate mailing address.

E-Invoicing Through ARIBA Network

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FMC uses the Ariba Network to send electronic purchase orders to suppliers that are enabled.  Those suppliers that receive an electronic PO from FMC via the Ariba Network should use the PO 'flip' function to invoice us.  The invoice provided through the Ariba Network is the invoice document of record and no additional documents should be submitted via another method. 

Accounts Payable Customer Service

Invoice Requirements or Payment Status Questions

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If you have questions related to invoice requirements or payment status, please contact your region of support as follows:

  • APAC – 
  • EMEA – 
  • Latin America –
  • North America – 

You will automatically be assigned a ticket number and receive an email confirming that the query has been received.  

Please hit REPLY button only to any of the messages you receive. DO NOT modify "TO" field when you reply. You can also include screenshots, which will automatically attach to the ticket and send directly to FMC Accounts Payable.

NOTE: To protect FMC from malicious email messages, we have changed the domain name for email addresses we use to confirm receipt of your query. Responses to queries will come from the domain  You can still continue to send inquiries to the same email address you are used to.  

Please ensure your system is prepared to receive our correspondence from the new domain.

Purchasing Questions

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For questions related to purchasing, please go to your usual FMC contact or reach out to the Global Procurement Service Center (GPSC) region of support as follows:

  • APAC East – 
  • APAC West – 
  • EMEA – 
  • Latin America –
  • North America –