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What's New For Suppliers?

What's New?

FMC Completes its Multi-Year Systems Tranformation

In 2018, FMC launched a multi-year program to transform our global business processes and technology. On November 5, 2020 we underwent a systems upgrade as part of the final phase of this transformation.

Please see our Supplier Guides below for information on the new supplier registration and qualification process.

To support this transformation, FMC launched the Ariba Supplier Lifecycle Performance (SLP) cloud-based tool in February 2020.

FMC uses the Ariba Network SLP system to register and qualify new suppliers in a safe and secure manner; this is a two-step process: 1) registration to provide basic information and 2) qualification to provide more details about your business and work with FMC. There is no cost to our suppliers to register with Ariba.

Should you receive a registration invitation email from FMC, here is a simple Supplier Guide, translated into 12 languages, that outlines the process and instructions on how to complete the registration and qualification in the Ariba Network.  


If you have any questions, contact our FMC Global Procurement Service Center at

FMC Purchasing Operations Organization Points of Contact

In conjunction with the systems upgrade, FMC has transitioned its purchasing operations organization to a centralized, shared services model.  The implementation of the new purchasing organization, referred to as the Global Procurement Service Center (GPSC), took place alongside the systems upgrades.

All purchasing inquiries are to be directed to the new points of contact below.

Region Email

North America

Central & South America

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Asia Pacific West
Asia Pacific East