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Dodhylex™ active Overview

RiceFMC’s groundbreaking tetflupyrolimet herbicide, branded Dodhylex™ active, is the first herbicide with a new mode of action (MOA) introduced in over 30 years. FMC has developed this new herbicide to help provide season-long control of major weeds in global rice production, including direct-seeded and transplanted japonica and indica varieties.

As the only herbicide in the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee's (HRAC) Group 28, Dodhylex™ active will serve as a new rotational tool for resistance management to help growers across a wide range of agronomic practices. To date, no resistance to this site of action has been reported, and Dodhylex™ active studies show it can control herbicide-resistant populations, a key unique benefit.

Maintaining and delivering a quality rice yield is imperative to maximizing growers' productivity and helping feed the world. Dodhylex™ active is another example of FMC's commitment to innovating and advancing molecules to help control weeds.

Learn more about how Dodhylex™ active controls challenging grass weeds and how it will offer rice growers a new resistance management tool.

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Mode of Action

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Dodhylex™ active, FMC’s brand name for tetflupyrolimet,  has been classified by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) and the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) as a Group 28 herbicide, making it the first new mode of action herbicide globally in over three decades.


Dodhylex™ active herbicide inhibits the enzyme dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (DHODH), the fourth step in the de novo pyrimidine biosynthesis pathway. It is a potent, low nM inhibition confirmed on heterologously expressed and purified enzymes. Plants can synthesize pyrimidines de novo or break down cellular components like RNA that are no longer needed. Because the de novo pathway is energetically expensive, cells utilize it only when they are rapidly growing and dividing. Mature cells can meet their metabolic needs using salvaging processes that do not utilize the DHODH enzyme, the target of Dodhylex™ active. This means the herbicide is most active against weed seedlings when most of the cells in the seedling are rapidly growing and dividing.

The blockage of pyrimidine biosynthesis after Dodhylex™ active application interrupts normal cellular function, resulting in the cessation of plant growth and/or seedling emergence. Research indicates that it is rapidly taken up by the roots and shoots, has excellent xylem mobility and stability in the plants, and is absorbed mostly by seedling shoot organs and seedling root organs.

Weed Control

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weed_controlIn studies, Dodhylex™ active has demonstrated excellent season-long control of grass weeds, such as Echinochloa and Leptochloa species, and some broadleaf and sedge weeds. Dodhylex™ active is effective on weeds that have developed increased tolerance or resistance to the following herbicide classes:

  • ALS
  • ACCase
  • HPPD herbicide
  • Glyphosate
  • Quinclorac
  • Propanil
  • Other commercial herbicides

The molecule is a significant advancement for the agriculture industry as it will help combat resistant weeds. 

Resistance Management

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resistance FMC is committed to effectively managing weed resistance by integrating cultural and chemical control measures. Based on genomics work done by FMC internally, Dodhylex™ active is considered a low-risk herbicide for weed resistance development. Due to its mode of action and primarily pre-emergence application timing, resistance development is expected to be slow.

Products containing Dodhylex™ active will serve as an excellent foundation for any weed management program by offering a robust resistance profile and residual control at the early stages of crop development, thereby optimizing the conditions for a following post-emergence herbicide. Products containing Dodhylex™ active should be part of an integrated weed management program incorporating cultural, biological and other chemical management practices for long-term resistance management and sustainability.

Application Flexibility

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Dodhylex™ active will help optimize rice yields by controlling the most challenging grass weeds that compete with the rice crop for water, nutrients, light and space.  Products containing Dodhylex™ active can be applied as a pre-plant, pre-emergence or early post-emergence application to control various annual grasses and a few broadleaf and sedge species.  Studies show that Dodhylex™ active has an excellent residual control profile and is an ideal complementary mixing partner with other pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicides.


Products containing Dodhylex™ active can be successfully applied using different application methods based on the formulation type and the local rice-growing system, including knapsack sprayers and spreaders, boom sprayers, aerial and drone applications.

Pending regulatory decision, products containing Dodhylex™ active may be applied to the soil surface as a continuous layer or directly in water by direct injection or foliar spray.

Registration Status

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FMC Corporation is working towards registering Dodhylex™ active for use in all major rice-growing countries across the globe and other additional crops. Dodhylex™ active is not currently registered and is not available for sale in any country. The registration dossier for Dodhylex™ active and products containing Dodhylex™ active were submitted for review in Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan and the United States.

Dodhylex is a trademark of FMC Corporation and/or an affiliate. Dodhylex™ active is not yet registered for sale or use in any country. No offer for sale, sale, or use of this product is permitted prior to the issuance of the required registrations by the relevant regulatory entity.