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FMC Corporation Receives Industry-First Approval for Drone Use of its Crop Protection Product in the Philippines

PHILIPPINES, March 16, 2021 FMC Corporation has been granted conditional approval in the Philippines for the drone use of Prevathon® insecticide in rice crop. This is the first time a crop protection product has been given approval for drone use by the country's Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA).

"Farmers spend long hours doing hard and often difficult work to produce food. Using the latest technology, like drones, will help them efficiently cover more ground in less time when treating crops,” said Veronica Tiburcio, Country Manager of FMC Philippines. “We are pleased to be the first crop protection company in the Philippines to receive conditional registration approval from the FPA. FMC has conducted successful drone spray trials in other Asian countries, and we are now bringing our know-how to help local farmers become more efficient and effective in rice production.”

FMC will now initiate official field trials with FPA-accredited researchers and all related government agencies to prepare for full registration approval and conduct commercial activities related to the drone use of Prevathon® insecticide in rice.

Drone usage for spray applications has grown significantly in the Asia Pacific region. Unlike hand-held applicators, drones can fly over wet fields and tall crops, moving quickly to exact locations to treat crops more precisely. Drones also allow for responsible product use with more accurate dosage and less exposure. As part of FMC's stewardship efforts around drone use for applications, the company is supporting various industry efforts on best practices and guidelines for operators.

FMC invests heavily in advancing agriculture innovation. The company's unique technologies from its Precision Agriculture team are designed to ensure the right crop protection products are applied exactly where and when they are needed to increase sustainability, as well as optimize yield quality and quantity and improve ROI.

Prevathon® insect control, powered by the Rynaxypyr® active, is one of the most effective crop protection products that help control a number of costly, yield-robbing insects in numerous crops.

About FMC

FMC Corporation, an agricultural sciences company, provides innovative solutions to growers around the world with a robust product portfolio, fueled by a market-driven discovery and development pipeline in crop protection, plant health and professional pest and turf management. This powerful combination of advanced technologies includes leading insect control products Prevathon®, Benevia® and Verimark® powered by Rynaxypyr® and Cyazypyr® active ingredients respectively; Steward® and Marshal® insecticides; Authority® and Command Plus® branded herbicides; and the flutriafol-based fungicide Pointer®. FMC Corporation employs approximately 6,500 employees around the globe. To le­arn more, please visit

FMC, the FMC logo, Rynaxypyr, Cyazypyr, Prevathon, Benevia, Verimark, Steward, Marshal, Authority Command Plus and Pointer are trademarks of FMC Corporation or an affiliate. Always read and follow all label directions, restrictions and precautions for use. Products listed here may not be registered for sale or use in all states, countries or jurisdictions.

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