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Why Buy Authentic Pesticides?

In my previous post, I highlighted the problem of counterfeit/fake pesticides and how to spot them.  Today, I want to show you why buying authentic pesticides is in your best interest.

You’re probably thinking that this is a no-brainer, that it’s obvious you should buy authentic products.  However, human nature being what it is, sometimes we can’t resist an apparent bargain - A cheaper alternative? Looks the same? Must be the same, right? Well, no…

The photos below are taken from FMC manufacturing plants.  You can see that the plants are spotlessly clean, and meet strict safety, environmental and quality standards. In fact, all of our manufacturing sites are ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified.  Safety is a priority at FMC and encompasses occupational safety, process safety management and environmental safety.

fmc plant

Now check out some pictures from a raid on a fake/counterfeit pesticide factory:

fake chemical plants

As you can see from the photo, no expense (literally) has been spared by the fake pesticide manufacturer to bring you, the grower, a shoddy, low quality product which will likely be a danger to you and the environment. 

This photo was from just a single raid and the amount of counterfeit/fake products seized was measured in tonnes.  FMC actively works with enforcement authorities in various countries to gather intelligence and shut these factories down. Unfortunately, it’s a never-ending battle, but these factories wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a demand.

Fake pesticides are cheap for a reason.  In a masterclass of business ingenuity, the counterfeit/fake pesticide manufacturers have simply avoided every time-consuming and costly step to obtain the necessary product registrations, manufacturing permits, environmental clearances, etc in each and every country that they supply; steps that cost millions of dollars to authentic manufacturers.

They also avoid the effort and expense taken to deliver consistent quality products that authentic manufacturers do.  Often, a fake/counterfeit bottle won’t contain the active ingredient listed on the label – and even if a bottle does contain the right pest control ingredient – it might only be a much lower amount which has no effect on the target pest, or it might even contain other ingredients that actually cause harm to the crop.

A picture can be worth a thousand words, and I don’t think I have to belabour the point about why you should only buy authentic products.  However, if you’re still not convinced, see what can happen when a fake pesticide does nothing to stop pests:

crop with bad chemicals

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