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Environmental Metrics

Environmental Boundary

FMC has a network of manufacturing sites that produce active ingredients (AIs) and perform the final steps of product formulation, mixing and packaging. We also conduct extensive R&D activities to develop sustainably-advantaged products.

Our environmental goals and metrics generally pertain to our most material sites unless otherwise stated. These material sites include 26 global manufacturing sites and our largest R&D facility in Newark, Delaware. FMC also has a number of smaller R&D facilities, field stations, regional headquarters and country offices. The footprint of these sites is only included in our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions reporting to satisfy the GHG Protocol’s completeness principle.

Additionally, some independent companies not under FMC’s operational control reside and operate from within FMC’s site. Their consumption of energy, water and waste are reported separately and are not included in FMC’s sustainability goals or our GHG emissions reporting at this time.

FMC works with several third-party contract manufacturing sites to produce select AIs and intermediate products. These sites are not under FMC’s operational control and thus excluded from our 2030 environmental goals. We track and report their energy consumption and waste generation amounts separately.

External Assurance

In 2020, we engaged ERM CVS to perform limited assurance of our select environmental and safety data. The scope of assurance is in line with our environmental boundary and does not include active ingredient contract manufacturers. ERM CVS’s assurance letter can be viewed in our latest sustainability report.